Assistant Resort Manager

Job Description


$52,000 per year plus bonuses 


Report to resort owner. Manage employees including resort specialists, chef and kitchen staff, runners, servers, housekeeping, grounds maintenance

Holland Lake Lodge is small guest lodge that provides guests with excellent service to rival the views of the surrounding lake and mountains. Staff performance impacts every guest’s experience, and is therefore crucial to the success of the Lodge. We look for people who enjoy natural beauty, have an interest in making other people’s experience special, are team players, and are willing to pitch in anywhere.

The assistant manager oversees all day-to-day Resort operations, maintains facilities, works with the owner in hiring/firing decisions, and fills in for all positions when short-staffed. The Manager is responsible for the quality and satisfaction of every guest’s stay and employee work time.

Position-specific Responsibilities 

  1. Customer service 
  2. Supervise and schedule office, cleaning, and maintenance staff and directs their daily activities 
  3. Supervise and schedule all restaurant and bar staff.
  4. Active in posting jobs, interviewing, and making hiring/firing decisions with the owner 
  5. Directly train staff and oversee cross-training 
  6. Constant quality control, supervision, and feedback to staff 
  7. Order and track inventory on all resort supplies, including food and beverage, gift shop inventory, and all sales
  8. Assess all facility damage and need for repairs, completing or contracting out and supervising 
  9. Books and coordinates specialty reservations, 
  10. Manages guest reservations
  11. Tally time cards for payroll twice monthly 
  12. Assists with bookkeeping
  13. Responsible for successful annual inspections from Fire Marshall and Dept. of Health. Understand regulations, keep track of changes, run system to ensure compliance, respond to any post-inspection items 
  14. Take monthly water samples for Dept. of Health, and keep data for monthly reports 

Minimum skills and knowledge  

  • Excellent customer service, takes strong initiative, learns current systems
  • Basic bookkeeping/math 
  • Interest in entrepreneurship and business
  • Excels in teaching others 
  • Organizational skills/detail orientation 
  • Employee management, supervision, and motivation; comfort with authority 

Minimum previous experience  

  • 1+ year of employee supervision 
  • 2+ years of direct customer service in hospitality industry 
  • Partial or full College Degree 

Previous experience desired

 Resort management:

  • 3+ years of employee supervision
  • Wedding coordination
  • Regulation compliance
  • Human Relations work
  • Using social media for promotion/marketing 

Computer skills 

  • Basic Windows literacy 
  • Ability and willingness to learn software 
  • Basic web browsing and searching 
  • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel 
  • Emailing and social media 
  • Quickbooks familiarity desired

Communication skills desired

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with all others 
  • Leadership abilities: motivate, train, and counsel staff 
  • Conflict management skills 
  • Willingness to be autonomous but communicate clearly with owner 

Special training, certification, or licensing  

  • U.S. citizenship or Permanent Resident card 
  • Driver’s license 
  • First Aid/CPR (may procure after hire) 

Behavioral, emotional, physical, and mental requirements:

Must be able to wear many hats, enjoy fast-paced, multi-tasking, detail-heavy responsibilities. It is necessary to be calm and even-tempered, deal with open ended scenarios, problem-solve, take initiative, and pace yourself seasonally as well as day-to-day. This is an extremely active position. It involves long, full days. 

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